NAME OF THE PROGRAM: Europe for Citizens/EACEA
Title of project: EU - Teaching and Learning from Each Other - THE DAY OF THE MUNICIPALITY

Participation: The event involved 107 people, from the following cities and countries:
1. Municipality of Ferencváros - Hungary: 11
2. Municipality of Kráľovský Chlmec- Slovakia: 15
3. Municipality of Kiskunhalas- Hungary: 10
4. Municipality of Kanjiža - Serbia: 46
5. City of Sfântu Gheorghe - Romania: 12
6. Municipality of Tata - Hungary: 13

Location / Dates: The event took place in Kanjiža (Serbia), in the period of 17-20 October 2014.

Short description:
Municipality of Kanjiža celebrate the Day of the Municipality on 20th October in every year, which has its historical roots in the distant past. In 1686, the Ottoman power began to weaken, and the Christian armies liberated the area from invaders on 20th October. The victory of Christianity still holds together the nations of Europe. The municipality commemorates this occurrence with a multi-day series of events. On these days the local government organizes a joint program with twin cities` representatives, official delegations of domestic and foreign twin cities. The time spent together provides a wonderful opportunity to improve cross-border relations in cultural, touristic and economic areas. This is a good opportunity because most of the twin cities are members of the European Union. Because of the personal relationships and due to effective cooperation, the municipality will receive assistance for professionals in applying EU rules in various areas of public administration and economy.

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