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Company Types

Foreign investors can found a company in the form of:

Joint Stock Company (a.d.),

Limited Liability Company (d.o.o.),

Limited Partnership (k.d.),

General Partnership (o.d.).

General Partnership (o.d.). The most common company type is a Limited Liability Company requiring merely RSD equivalence of €500 to start a business. Businesses can be also registered as:


Insurance companies,

Leasing companies,

Representative offices,


Joint Stock Company (a.d.)

A Joint Stock Company may be closed or public depending on whether it is listed on the stock exchange or not.

A closed Joint Stock Company may have a maximum of 100 shareholders.

Shareholders-A Joint Stock Company is founded by one or more legal entities and/or natural persons.

Minimum Capital-RSD equivalence of €10,000 for a closed Joint Stock Company and RSD equivalence of €25,000 for a public Joint Stock Company.

Share and Contribution Requirements-The registered value may not be less than RSD equivalence of €5. A shareholder's contribution can be made in money or in kind, but not in labor or services.

Other Features-A public Joint Stock Company must have a Board of Directors, while a closed Joint Stock Company must have a single Director or a Board of Directors.

There are higher minimum capital requirements for companies acting as:

Banks-RSD equivalence of €10 mn

  • Insurance companies:
  • Life insurance-RSD equivalence of €2 mn
    • Voluntary pension insurance-RSD equivalence of €3 mn
    • All types of life insurance-RSD equivalence of €4 mn
  • Non-life insurance:
    • Accident and voluntary health insurance-RSD equivalence of €1 mn
    • Motor and railway vehicles total insurance and obligatory insurance-RSD equivalence of €2 mn
    • Other forms of asset insurance, risk insurance, and other types of non-life insurance-RSD equivalence of €2 mn
    • Other forms of asset insurance, risk insurance, and other types of non-life insurance-RSD equivalence of €2 mn
    • Reinsurance-RSD equivalence of €4 mn
  • Leasing companies: RSD equivalence of €100,000.

  • Limited Liability Company (d.o.o.)

    Shareholders-Maximum 50, legal entities and/or natural persons.

    Minimum Capital-RSD equivalence of €500.

    Share and Contribution Requirements-A member's contribution to a Limited Liability Company may be made in money or in kind including past, but not future labor or services. The shares are freely transferable between the partners. A share may be transferred to a third party, in which case other members of the company and the company have pre-emptive rights.

    Limited Partnership (k.d.)

    Partners-Two or more natural persons.

    Minimum Capital-No minimum equity requirements.

    Other Features-A Limited Partnership is a company established for performing business activities within the framework of a mutual firm. In this form of a company, a general partner is jointly and severally liable for the obligations of a partnership, while a limited partner bears the risks and obligations only to the extent of his or her investment.

    General Partnership (o.d.)

    Partners-Two or more.

    Minimum Capital-No minimum equity requirement.

    Other Features-In a General Partnership, partners may contribute in money or in kind, including past or future labor and services. All partners bear the unlimited liability for the obligations of the general partnership.  


    This type of business must be registered as a Joint Stock. In addition to the regular documentation submitted to the Business Registration Agency, an operating license issued by the National Bank of Serbia is required.   

    Fast Track Registration

    Specialized agency and a short procedure is making a start-up of your business simple.

    The business registration procedure in Serbia typically takes 5 days, down from previous 23. This process in the Business Registers Agency can be completed in only 3 days, with additional several days for other procedures.


    The whole process is expedient and cost-effective, amounting to maximum €350.

    Choose from different company types and enjoy the advantages of a Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership or Limited Partnership. The minimum capital required is as low as €10,000 or €25,000 for a Joint Stock Company, and €500 for a Limited Liability Company.

    Visit the Business Registers Agency website here and start the process today.
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